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The promises for 2022

The beginning of the year is always a special time. A moment in which we make an evaluation of the previous season, but above all in which we try to draw up the programs of the starting new year. In particular, it is nice to talk about promises. 

The players with a promising future who will represent Italy on sport fields all over the world, as well as those promises we make with ourselves, to try to make concrete steps forward, each one in our own field. Talking about tennis promises, we have three very young boys who – from different positions in the standings – will be able to make us dream for a long time. 

One, Jannik Sinner, is already a top 10, an established champion, and he has been in the spotlight for quite some time, to such an extent that in 2022 we could not be too surprised to see him win a big tournament, including Grand Slams. Another one, Lorenzo Musetti, is just behind (59 Atp), but he has nevertheless experienced an extraordinary 2021, entering the top 100 Atp and showing everyone qualities that make him already loved by the public all over the world. The last one, Luca Nardi, is still waiting for the big leap, but there are many people who recognize him as a predestined talent. Sinner is 20 years old and he is from South Tyrol, Musetti is 19 comes from Carrara, Nardi is 18 and he’s from Pesaro: this is to say that these guys represent the whole of Italy.

Together with them, other very young people will also be able to add new hopes: Flavio Cobolli, Giulio Zeppieri, Luciano Darderi. We at CC LAB Italia, together with Autodromo Internazionale Enzo e Dino Ferrari di Imola, can’t wait to see them grow, and maybe one day to take them to a F1 circuit, as it will happen to some top players for Tennis on the Racetrack Imola 2023. Our future is a path to believe in, too.

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