NewsPress ReleaseOfficial communication from the creators and organisers of ‘Tennis on the Racetrack’

Official communication from the creators and organisers of ‘Tennis on the Racetrack’

With reference to the recent news about the potential overlap of ‘Tennis on the Racetrack – Imola 2023’ and ‘Imola 2023 Formula 1 Grand Prix’ events, CC LAB Consultant Ltd, the company which created the ‘Tennis on the Racetrack’ format and CC LAB Italia Srl, its subsidiary, want to specify – for the record – what steps have been taken from the moment of signing the contract, to today.

9 October 2021 – Formula Imola Spa entered into a contract with CC LAB Italia Srl, in which exclusive use of the Enzo and Dino Ferrari International Racetrack was granted, for a period of 11 days – from 17 May to 27 May 2023 inclusive – in order to create the ‘Tennis on the Racetrack Imola 2023’ event. The actual date of the event was indicated as 23 May 2023.

20 January 2022 – The event, supported by the local authorities, was officially presented in Imola, with the participation of representatives from Formula Imola and the main representatives of local institutions.

9 June 2022 – The official ATP calendar was released, confirming the feasibility of the ‘Tennis on the Racetrack Imola 2023’ event on 23 May 2023 (with exclusive use of the Racetrack of Imola during the period of 17-27 May 2023 inclusive).

20 September 2022 – The official FIA Formula 1 calendar was released, with the Imola Grand Prix taking place at the Imola Racetrack on 21 May 2023. Urgent correspondence followed in which Formula Imola did not deny its contractual commitments, nor did it deny the date of the Formula 1 Imola Grand Prix of May 21, 2023.

11 November 2022 – Having not received adequate guarantees and reassurances from Formula Imola regarding the latter’s effective willingness to allow the smooth running of the ‘Tennis on the Racetrack Imola 2023’ event, CC LAB Italia Srl was forced to turn to the Court of Bologna to resolve the uncertainty of the situation and obtain, as a matter of urgency, a provision from the Court, which ensures compliance with the contractual commitments and, in particular, the possibility of holding the ‘Tennis on the Racetrack’ event at the Imola Racetrack on 23 May 2023, as required by the contract signed on 9 October 2021 with Formula Imola Spa.

Imola 2023 is the first stage of the innovative sports entertainment format, ‘Tennis on the Racetrack’, which was conceived on a global scale, with plans to continue its run in various countries, in Europe and the rest of the world. Alexander Zverev (number 6 in the world, best ranking of number 2), Matteo Berrettini (number 14 in the world, best ranking of number 6) and Lorenzo Sonego (former member of the Italian team of Davis Cup), had all officially confirmed their appearance at ‘Tennis on the Racetrack – Imola 2023’.


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