NewsPress ReleaseOfficial communication from the creators and organisers of ‘Tennis on the Racetrack’

Official communication from the creators and organisers of ‘Tennis on the Racetrack’

The overlapping of the events ‘Tennis on the Racetrack – Imola 2023’ and ‘Imola Formula 1 Grand Prix 2023’ (in relation to which tickets have been available and on sale for several weeks) is now an indisputable fact.

Despite the appeal to the Court of Bologna to obtain compliance with the contract signed by CC LAB Italia S.r.l. and Formula Imola S.p.A., the latter has continued to support a truly impossible co-existence of the two events. This effectively confirms its failure to fulfill the commitments undertaken whilst, at the same time, attempting to impose non-professional organisational solutions not in line with the project announced to the public at the press conference on 20 January 2022, in the presence of all the public authorities representing the local area.

Furthermore, due to the erroneous and misleading defense arguments of Formula Imola S.p.A., to date the Court of Bologna has not yet pronounced its decision. However, the passage of time, and the now evident impossibility of having the Racetrack available from 17 May 2023 (as contractually guaranteed), forces us to cancel the event.

We are truly sorry, but above all deeply disappointed by the non-professionalism shown by the representatives of Formula Imola S.p.A. who totally subordinated the contractual (and non- contractual) commitments they had personally given us, as organisers of what should have been the first edition of the Tennis on the Racetrack event, to other interests. They have done this without making any effort to preserve a unique event of its kind, which could have brought prestige and new lifeblood to a Racetrack that has only ever been linked to motor sports.

The cancellation of the event (which tennis players of the calibre of Alexander Zverev, Matteo Berrettini and Lorenzo Sonego had already officially signed up for) marks the end of the idea, shared with Formula Imola, of giving a “Made in Italy” imprint to the new Tennis on the Racetrack.

Despite this setback, the negative consequences of which Formula Imola and all its exponents will be called to answer for, Tennis on the Racetrack continues its run towards Europe and other continents. Stay tuned.


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