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Federer and his cars

Roger Federer, who has recently got back to training, has several passions off the tennis court, but the mostly cultivated by the Swiss is the one of cars, of any kind. The car fleet of the winner of 20 Slam titles has attracted the attention of various professionals, who underlined his particular taste in the choice. A yellow SLR stands out in particular. Those three letters are the acronym of Sport-Leicht-Rennsport, a car signed Mercedes and McLaren, a version of which only 75 were produced. Roger then indulged in an AMG Roadster with a 571 horsepower V8 engine, according to him “one of the best cars of all time”.

In Federer’s garage there is also a CLS 63, as well as two SUVs and a CLS 450 4matic coupé, which he won thanks to the title he got at the Mercedes Cup in Stuttgart in 2018. But the most bizarre purchase came last: it is a minivan from the 1960s that the Basel champion wanted to be able – in his own words – to “travel the world with his family to visit all the cities we have never been able to see while I was playing”. It is to be imagined that Italy will not be missing in its path. We strongly believe in the union between tennis and motorsport, like Roger.

To the point of having conceived and launched Tennis on the Racetrack. Imola 2023 is approaching, and who knows, maybe before the event – born from the idea of  CC LAB Consultant Ltd, organized by  CC LAB Italia srl in association with Enzo and Dino Ferrari International Racetrack of Imola – Roger Federer could be seen on the field again, admiring his wonders for a while.

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