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🐝 World Bee Day 🐝

Sonja Iumiento, Director CC LAB Consultant Ltd, announces an important addition to Tennis on the Racetrack, on this special day, the sustainability theme: Bees and the BlackBeesMatter project.

β€œLast time, in January, I talked about the idea from CC LAB that gave birth to Tennis on the Racetrack and the principles and values that distinguish it.
I talked about the importance of the
greenΒ issue, which for us means a series of actions aimed at research activities on the subject of innovation and support for the enhancement of human capital, as a determining force for development ……
conservation of the ecosystem …
biodiversity ……
in short .. the promotion of sustainable development
This is the perfect setting for a project that comes from a CC LAB idea, which focuses on an ethical cause: attention to the planet and the safeguarding of the Sicilian black bee species, together with support for studies and research, aimed at health and wellbeing.
We are talking about Black Bees Matter, a project that aims to accompany, throughout its journey, Tennis on the Racetrack and the Partners and Brand Sponsors of the event, giving them a sustainable footprint and ethical value.
We are waiting for you on the website to tell you about this initiative, to provide you with more information … and to announce new surprises!
Thank you all and see you soon!

Tennis on the Racetrack, Sport, Esports, Entertainment, Art, Culture, Expo Village, all in the name of sustainability, an idea from CC LAB Consultant Ltd, produced by CC LAB Italia srl in association with Autodromo internazionale Enzo e Dino Ferrari di Imola

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