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7 – Tennis Talk – Coaching: advice from the coach

Until now, in ATP tournaments, it was forbidden for players to receive advice, called ‘coaching’ in technical jargon, from their coach.

From 11 July 2022, until the end of the year, coaching will be allowed in an experimental phase under the following conditions:

  • The coach must sit in specially designated areas;
  • Verbal coaching is only allowed when the player is on the same side as the coach;
  • Verbal coaching can only be done with a few words or short phrases;
  • dialogue is not allowed;
  • Non-verbal coaching, such as signs, is always allowed;
  • Coaching, both verbal and non-verbal, is allowed only if it does not interrupt the game or does not disturb the opponent;

Coaches cannot speak to their player when the player leaves the court for any reason, such as a toilet break.

In case of violation of these rules, fines or penalties can be combined.

In this video we see what happened before the rule changed, namely that players were sanctioned when they received advice from their coach.



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